Jack M. James Catalano   A+, Network+, Server+, MCP, MCDST, MCSA


- Analyze software (files and registry entries) to maintain corporate computer standards and ensure compatibility with operating systems, other retail software and     in-house written applications. 10 years

- Maintain test environments of physical and virtual PCs to build software packages in addition to certifying installation and compatibility. 10 years

- Repackage legacy (non-MSI compliant) software into MSI installations. Analyze new package to ensure a clean and customized installation to the corporate environment. 10 years

- Create transforms and administrative installs to customize installations for specific environments. 10 years

- Create and maintain over 600 different software titles using Installshield Adminstudio. Test and certify applications together to ensure compatibility and resolve conflicts. 10 years

- Provide Support Center and Field Technicians with upper-level troubleshooting assistance with software and hardware issues. 10 years



- Responsible for the entire software package lifecycle. This includes communication with the requestor and vendor to gather software requirements, building the package, QA testing, distribution, and finally maintaining and supporting the package in the work environment. 10 years

- Package and distribute 300+ applications to 6000 Windows workstations with Novell ZENWorks. Maintain Novell NDS and Microsoft AD groups for software deployment and application rights. 4 years

- Test, approve and release Microsoft updates and patches to 6000 Windows workstations using WSUS. 4 years

- Create and deploy software packages using Marimba. Deploy packages via Marimba to over 60,000 workstations, Microsoft 2k and 2K3 servers and Citrix servers throughout the country. 5 years

- Administer Marimba servers including master transmitters, repeaters and proxies. Monitor proxy status and troubleshoot as necessary. 5 years

- Use Veritas WinInstall to package and distribute software to around 3000 Windows PCs. Maintain servers, replicate package source files and monitor bandwidth usage to remote sites. 2 years

- Use Visual Basic scripting, Windows shell scripting and other utilities to automate asset management, software auditing and delivery customization. 10 years


- Install, configure and support Windows workstations in LAN/WAN and standalone environments. 15+ years

- Support both Novell and Microsoft Active Directory networks configuring policy, login scripts, printing and drive mappings. 10 years

- Create computer images using Microsoft's Sysprep, Symantec's Ghost and PQI imaging software to standardize desktop configurations and facilitate PC deployment/repair. 12 years

- Troubleshoot, repair and upgrade software on Windows workstation and server systems. 15+ years

- Install and troubleshoot peripherals such as scanners and PDAs connected to workstations. 15+ years


- Track work requests and support tickets in Remedy and HEAT to monitor workload, ensure deadlines are met and document problem resolution. 10 years

- Maintain application install instructions and package creation documentation. Document conflicts, customizations or problems encountered during the packaging process. 10 years



- Desktop/laptop encryption Credent Mobile Guardian deployment - Evaluate multiple encryption programs to meet encryption needs. Present results and recommendation to management for purchase. Build and test application package for distribution to company workstations.

- Software delivery upgrade Migrate Novell ZENWorks 3.5 to Novell ZCM 10 -Compared SCCM 2007 and ZCM 10 upgrade paths from current software delivery method. Build test environments and evaluate imaging, patching and software delivery technologies for each product. Present results and purchase recommendations to management for approval.

- Application Virtualization ZEN Application Virtualization (ZAV) - Test and deploy virtual applications to eliminate software conflicts and overcome PC limitations.

- Virtual Desktop Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Build XP and Windows 7 images for use in Citrix VDI environment. Deploy persistent virtual desktops images to provide seamless roaming and improved performance. Deploy provisioned desktops for greater security and uniform user experience.

- Thin client evaluation Desktop PC replacement - Evaluate use of thin clients for battery powered mobile carts and shared workstations. Test models from HP, Wyse and Dell. Determine if these units will reduce maintenance and support costs in our environment without impacting performance and functionality.



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